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Image by Aaron Burden
From Generation to Generation 

A Family Owned Business of 50 Years

F-Con, Inc. (DBA Fierro Construction Company) has been a family owned business for 50 years and been passed down for three generations.


Founded in 1973 by my Grandfather, Roy Fierro Sr., a proud US Army Veteran, the company was started with the vision of bringing quality concrete and masonry hardscapes all throughout San Diego. The company’s original work can still be seen stamped throughout National City and Chula Vista to this day.


My father, Roy Fierro Jr. worked for the family business since he was young, alongside my Grandfather, and helped to develop lasting client and business relationships, many of which remain today.

Growing up watching and working alongside my grandfather and father, I was able to see what strong work ethic, quality craftsmanship, and superior customer service really looks like.  As an adult, I worked as an apprentice specializing in roofing and solar installation.  I quickly developed a passion for the trade and a renewed respect for the hard work involved. 


Holding true to the mission and teachings of my grandfather and father, I take great pride in ensuring F-CON remains committed to getting the job done right the first time around. Whether it's perfecting a new roof or continuing to be hands on with all projects, you can always expect customer satisfaction and excellent service from F-CON.  


As products change and technology advances, my passion and excitement for this industry have also grown. I am eager to carry out timeless traditions, and continue to grow a new era that is F-Con, Inc.


The future of F-CON involves merging the old with the new, while continuing to service all of San Diego, a place my family and I still proudly call home.


Cameron Fierro

President, F-Con, Inc.

F-CON History Gallery

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